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In the past 10 years, Abana Coffee has completed five community based medical projects. Gera is a town nearby and is the largest recipient of Abana’s aid efforts. These trips involved completing over 1,500 medical treatments, which included cataract surgeries and dental procedures. In addition, Abana has donated much needed supplies to the local clinic, supported the newly built pre-school in Gera, and built sports fields serving as a community space.


Please contact us if you are interested in donating to a specific project

  • Medical Project​

  • Materials to Build Primary School

  • Volunteer Your Time or Services

100% of proceeds go directly to each project

As the team arrived there were thousands of men, women and children lining the streets waiting to be seen. Some had traveled over 100 miles.

Preparing one of the youngest patients for an eye procedure.

Teaching children proper oral hygiene while giving away thousands of toothbrushes.

A patient is waiting for her check-up one day after surgery.